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Our Approach to Teeth Whitening

A common misconception we hear a lot at Bright Orthodontics is that if your teeth aren’t white, then they aren’t clean. That’s not always the case! There are a number of factors that lead to discoloration in your teeth, such as genetics, thinning of your enamel as you age, or side effects from a medication you may be taking. Any of these can cause your teeth to turn yellow, even if your dental hygiene is perfect.

Teeth whitening comparison before and after

When whitening your teeth, it’s important to find a product that can maintain the health of your teeth while achieving the color you’re looking for. Every person is different, and some with very sensitive teeth can cause permanent damage when using a product too strong or a harsher method like bleaching. Our approach places that at the forefront, with your teeth being the deciding factor on which method is best. With a number of options available here, our teeth whitening services can find a solution for any situation.


It all begins with a free teeth whitening consultation. We will take a look at your teeth to assess the overall health of your enamel, talk with you about your lifestyle and habits to find anything that may be contributing to discoloration, and help you prepare your teeth for the whitening process. We are never going to recommend or administer a whitening product that will be detrimental to your oral health. We prioritize longevity over coloration.

Man getting teeth whitening consultation at orthodontist

If areas of concern are found in the state of your teeth, don’t worry! This doesn’t disqualify you from our teeth whitening services. It simply limits the methods at our disposal. With certain products containing ingredients that are harder on your enamel than others, sensitive teeth aren’t suited for all of them. And if we find that dental procedures are necessary for damaged or decaying teeth, we’ve got a great network of excellent dentists to refer you to so that they can be fixed, and you can return to us to begin your whitening!

In-Office Whitening

If your teeth are found to be able to withstand some of the more intense treatments after your consultation, our professional whitening services performed in the office deliver results almost immediately. By using potassium nitrate and fluoride, discoloration is chemically removed from your enamel and dentin, leaving your teeth noticeably whiter as quickly as your 40 minute treatment. 


Given the intense nature of the process, this is more often recommended for teeth with little to no sensitivity. It requires professional equipment that is housed in our office at Bright Orthodontics, and only certified professionals can administer the treatment. We use state of the art technology in performing these treatments, and always have the most current methods available.

At-Home Whitening

If you have more sensitive teeth, thinner enamel, or prefer a self-administered approach, we also offer a number of teeth whitening products that you can use from the comfort of your home. These require wearing a tray or mouthpiece with a gel or fluid containing chemicals meant to whiten teeth, improve sensitivity, prevent cavities, and kill bacteria. If you’re used to habits like wearing a retainer or clear aligner, then these methods should fit right into your daily routine and achieve a brighter smile in a relatively short period of time.


However, because these at-home whitening treatments are much less intense than in-office methods, results take a little longer to show. While professionally administered whitening can show immediate improvement, lighter treatments like the whitening trays tend to take anywhere from three days to two weeks to become evident. That may not be ideal for some, but if it protects the integrity of your teeth while achieving the bright smile you’re looking for, that’s a mission accomplished!

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