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Overbite Correction With Forsus


Overbite Correction (Forsus)  - Bright Braces - Katy, TX

A Straight Bite

Overbites are extremely common. In fact, approximately 22% of people have natural overbites in the United States. The good news is that because it is so common, orthodontists have found a number of ways to fix it!

Typically, our first resort will be rubber bands, which can be applied to specific points on your braces in order to train your jaw to align properly. However, some cases require a stronger method to align the upper and lower jaw, which is where the forsus comes in!

Model of teeth with braces and forsus.
Cross section of overbite

What Is An Overbite?

An overbite is exactly as it's name suggests. The top front teeth protrude beyond the bottom front teeth, creating a gap between the two whenever you bite down. While minor cases have relatively mild effects, severe overbites can lead to jaw pain, gum disease or tooth decay.

How Does A Forsus Work?

First, it helps to understand the actual objective of the Forsus appliance. To fix the overbite, the Forsus needs to shift the upper jaw backward and pull the lower jaw forward to meet in the middle, aligning the bite patter. The Forsus has a spring rod coil on either side of the mouth that is connected to a band on the upper molars. This is coupled with a metal spring connected to the wire on the bottom, applying pressure in the proper direction for both the upper and lower jaw.

The springs are concealed inside the cheeks, making their application relatively unnoticeable. No extra impressions or steps are required to use the Forsus for treatment, and once it's in place, no further adjustments are necessary. A Forsus appliance is usually worn somwhere between 4-8 months depending on the severity of the overbite.

What Can I Expect To Do If I Have A Forsus Appliance?

One of the best advantages of the Forsus appliance as opposed to other treatments like elastic rubber bands is that it is extremely low maintenance and less visible. No special brushing equipment or oral hygiene steps are necessary beyond your typical brushing routine. Nothing needs to be changed or applied, either. Once it's installed at our office in Katy, you simply wear it! It will continue to work day and night to correct your overbite. No special appointments or anything is necessary. 

There is a possibility that the springs could pop out of place from time to time, but fixing this is simple. Just open your mouth really wide and reconnect the top and bottom, and you're good to go!

Enjoy Your

Bright Smile

Bright Smile

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