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Dr. Bright

Dr. Bright smiling at the camera with hands in lab coat pockets.

David Bright, DDS MS

I became an orthodontic specialist because I am very passionate about orthodontics and its impact on people’s lives! As a hard worker with a genuine interest in helping others, I strive to build my business on a foundation of solid interpersonal relationships. As a local orthodontist, I enjoy getting to know my patients and their families not only at appointments, but also at our Katy community events.

I am a native Texan raised in a single parent home by my mother, a schoolteacher with a Master’s in Education. I grew up in a home built on strong Christian values, further strengthened by my mother’s insistence on the importance of hard work and a solid education.

Growing up, I was never the kid with the perfect smile, which definitely contributed to my interest in orthodontics as a young adult. Becoming an orthodontist has opened up a world of opportunities for me, allowing me to create a loving, family environment for my patients while giving them what I did not have… “A BRIGHT, healthy, beautiful smile!”

There is no greater reward for me than seeing my patients transform into confident, happy young men and women. I am blessed with the ability to serve my patients and give them the smiles they deserve. As a patient leaves my office on the day their orthodontic treatment is completed, it is an absolute honor to be on the receiving end of their gratitude.

A new smile usually comes with a new level of self-esteem, and I like to think I have a little hand in bringing about both.

Fun fact: My last name really is Bright! I like to make that distinction as my patients often tease me over the happy coincidence as they leave my office with a truly bright smile!

My Road to Becoming an Orthodontic Specialist

I grew up and attended high school in San Antonio receiving my first college degree, a BA in biology, from Trinity University. At Trinity, I was exposed to Human Biological Systems, which inevitably led to my interest in becoming a dentist/doctor so that I could help others have healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.

After graduating in the top of my class, I continued my studies at the University of Texas (UT) Health Science Center of Dentistry in Houston. There I received my DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). I was honored to be voted by my professors to be the top, senior dental student (awarded by the Texas Dental Association). I was also a student assistant for the orthodontic department at UT where I had originally been exposed to the specialty as an undergraduate.

After receiving my DDS, I went on to an orthodontic residency for two years, where I received my Masters of Science and my Orthodontic Certificate. There, I was exposed to the most advanced treatments from one of the top orthodontic schools in the nation. I then opened my own orthodontic practice in Katy, TX, and worked with other specialists to give my patients healthy and beautiful smiles. I love practicing as a local orthodontist for Katy and nearby west Houston, Fulshear, Richmond, Brookshire residents.

Continuing Education Means Continued Excellence

I believe the key to keeping up with the latest advancements and technology for an orthodontic specialist is through continuing education. I always strive to provide the best care to my patients, and regularly participating in continuing education is crucial in meeting this goal.

My aim is to deliver the safest and most efficient orthodontic treatment to my patients in the most comfortable manner possible. I regularly attend continuing education courses locally, nationally, and online through a variety of professional organizations and study clubs including:

Outside the Office

Born in Corpus Christi, I eventually moved to San Antonio with my mother where we lived with my grandfather until he passed away. During my high school years in San Antonio, I was inducted as a member of the National Honor Society. I played all sports and enjoyed outdoor activities including hunting and fishing.

I also had my own horse on the ranch where I worked. I later tried my hand at ranching by raising calves on a 35+ acre of irrigated farmland in Natalia, Texas (about 30 minutes southwest of San Antonio). While ranching, I gained a further appreciation for hard work and experienced the personal fulfillment provided by entrepreneurial endeavors. Later, I worked at a grocery store to help earn my way through college.

I am extremely blessed to be where I am today, and I am honored to have my loving wife, Terri, by my side. We are enjoying raising nine amazing children together, three of whom are adopted. We love living life together and enjoy just spending time with one another. Christian family values are very important to us, and we work very hard to keep a loving and happy home based on these principles.

I am committed to giving back to our community by sponsoring local school teams, patients’ sporting activities, FFA students, and less fortunate patients who need orthodontic help by founding a Katy chapter of Smile for a Lifetime. Bright Orthodontics also grants local scholarships to Katy ISD seniors who need assistance to pursue college.

Dr. Bright, his wife and their nine children smile on couch with three dogs.
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