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Emergency Appointments

Should an unexpected need for a visit arise, we will do our best to work you into our schedule on that same working day. Please always call ahead for an appointment. After-hours orthodontic emergencies will be seen if the patient is in pain or feels that it is necessary. Contact us at 281-610-2679 for a recorded message containing the telephone numbers of qualified personnel who will be able to assist you with your problem. For all other emergencies, be sure to call your dentist or 911.

Wire Poking In The Mouth

Clip the poking wire with sterilized nail clippers or a wire cutter. If the wire is still poking, place silicone over the end of the wire. If the irritation continues, please call our office so we may schedule an appointment to clip the wire. 

Loose Bracket

A loose bracket can generally be left in place until seen by our office. Call the office if you notice a loose bracket so that we can schedule an appointment to reattach the loose appliance. Please remember to bring any broken parts to the office when you come in for the repair.

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