Join Us at Chick-Fil-a  Mason Rd 

Bright Orthodotnics is sponsoring a Family Night At Chick-Fil-A Mason Rd.



Join Us at Katy’s 2018 Fifth Street Frenzy

Bright Orthodontics is sponsoring a booth at Katy’s Halloween event known as Fifth Street Frenzy. Come see us on Saturday, October 27, from 5-9 pm. Our staff will be helping the kiddos tie-dye shirts and will have dental kits and other fun items on hand.

Where: 5711 Fifth Street, Katy, TX
When: Saturday, October 27, 2018, from 5-9pm
Cost: FREE!

Lots of activities for the whole family including a kid-friendly Halloween movie. Don’t miss it!

Silly Soak Your Favorite Assistant

To celebrate achieving 6,000 likes on Facebook, we are sacrificing one of our amazing assistants for your amusement. Want to be the one to soak your favorite assistant with colorful blasts of string?

Two Ways to Enter!

Nominate your favorite assistant…well, at least the one you want to soak in Silly String. To cast your vote, you can:

  • Submit your vote on a form in our office.
  • Participate in our Facebook poll.

The best part? Your “attack” will be streamed on Facebook Live from our Bright Orthodontics office! 

The rules:

  • Nominations opened May 1, and closes June 30, 2018.
  • One winner will be announced July 1, 2018. [UPDATE: Lucille won…or lost…depends on how you look at it. Check out her Silly String shower on Facebook.]
  • Silly soaking event streamed on Facebook Live…follow our page to get notification.
  • Only one entry per patient please.

New Patient Website Contest

Win a $200 Discount Off Orthodontic Treatment!

Get to know us before your first appointment to be entered to win a monthly drawing for new patients for $200 off your orthodontic treatment. Find the answers to the below questions on our Bright Orthodontics website.

  • What should you bring with you on your first visit to Dr. Bright’s office?
  • How many social media icons does our website have?
  • Where was Dr. Bright born?
  • What is a mouthguard useful for?
  • Name one (1) criterion that applies to Dr. Bright’s scholarship awarded to seniors at the end of the school year.
  • How many times a day should you floss?
  • Name two (2) different types of services we offer to turn your smile into the perfect smile.
  • Name a way to earn Bright Bucks.

Bring your answers with your name and address on it to your initial appointment. If your entry is selected, you account will be credited $200 when you start treatment. Or, if you have already paid in full, you receive a $200 gift card.

The rules:

  • New patients only.
  • Only one entry per patient please.
  • Cannot be combined with any other Bright Orthodontics discount or award.