Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary anchorage devices are sometimes used to achieve tooth positioning without headgear that would not be possible with just bracesTemporary anchorage devices (TAD) are mini-implants that are fixed to jaw bone for the purpose of providing an absolute immovable anchorage point for positioning of teeth. They are small titanium screws that are placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaws. Placing a TAD is done in our the offices of orthondontic practice, and is pain-free. TADs are removed after being used for anchorage during orthodontic treatment.

The fixed anchor in the mouth used for teeth spacing closure, molar alignment or uprighting, open bite correction, and many other tooth positioning needs. Temporary anchorage devices enable tooth positioning that may not be accomplished with just braces.

Benefits of Using Temporary Anchorage Devices

TADs have many advantages for the patient:

  • greater comfort because TADs replace the need for headgear and elastic bands
  • reduces orthodontic treatment time required by up to one-third
  • reduces the need for patient compliance.

Orthodontics must consider not only moving misaligned teeth, but also preventing unwanted movement of anchor-teeth. Often headgear enables teeth movement either individually or as a group in more directions than is possible with braces. But, especially with kids and teens, getting them to wear the headgear as prescribed is frequently an issue. So temporary anchorage devices make patient compliance effortless resulting in faster treatment and a more pleasing aesthetic effect.

Temporary anchorage devices can also be used in situations that do not involve braces such as smaller tooth movements required to prepare the mouth for a bridge, crown, or dental implant.

Temporary anchorage devices are used for a short period of time during orthodontic treatment and are easily cared for through routine brushing. There is little or no discomfort placing a TAD and when removed, the site is healed within a couple of days.

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