Laser Treatment

orthodontic laser treatment is used to remove gum soft tissue to expose impacted teeth for early access for orthodontic treatmentOrthodontic laser treatment is used, primarily, for the removal of excess gum tissue with the precision of a soft tissue laser. This accelerates orthodontic treatment by allowing earlier access to impacted teeth for immediate inclusion in the alignment process with braces. With the impacted tooth exposed, a bracket is placed expediting treatment.

Orthodontic Laser Treatment is Pain-Free

Known as canine (cuspid) exposure, this procedure is pain free as the nerve endings are sealed by the laser during the procedure. Blood vessels are cauterized resulting in no bleeding.

The procedure is usually performed using a topical anesthetic instead of shots and it greatly reduces the post-operative inflammation and associated discomfort. The treated tissue returns to a normal appearance in a couple of days.

Soft tissue laser treatment is not only used to facilitate early access for bracket placement, but it is also used in several other areas of orthodontic practice to enhance soft tissue therapies.

After Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

The post-operative instructions include:

  • Use an antiseptic or salt water rinse several times a day for the first few days.
  • Use vitamin E gel on the area for several days to improve healing.
  • Avoid hot, spicy foods or hard, crunchy foods like chips for the first week.
  • Take ibuprofen, if needed, for any minor discomfort.

Dr. Bright will determine if laser treatment is needed in your orthodontic plan. If it is, he and our staff will ensure that the procedure is fully explained and that you are comfortable at all times.

Schedule your orthodontic evaluation appointment today and learn if this painless treatment will be needed to enhance your healthy smile.