Damon Self-ligating Braces

accelerated braces are self-ligating-braces by damonAccelerated braces or “speed braces” are a technology called self-ligating braces. This orthodontic treatment system has a built in sliding door that allows the wire to slide more freely so your teeth will move more comfortably during treatment. The bracket is a smaller size, but stronger and more efficient than traditional metal braces. A patient wearing the self-ligating braces system will feel less pressure on the teeth which produces less soreness and offers a more comfortable treatment experience.

Accelerated braces are made from the same materials as traditional braces, but they do not require the use of elastic bands or metal ties so fewer orthodontist appointments are required as frequent adjustments and changes of the elastics or ties are not required. Plus, this adds to the overall comfort patients experience with this system as less friction is placed on each tooth. Instead of ties, a light, shape-memory wire is used that actually moves teeth faster and requires fewer adjustments.

Accelerated Braces Options

This system of speed braces come in the following materials:

  • Traditional silver-colored metal
  • Tooth-color ceramic
  • Clear ceramic

The ceramic versions of these braces are much less visible and though more expensive, make a great choice for teens and adults who want to minimize people noticing they are wearing braces.

Damon System

We offer the Damon braces system of self-ligating braces to create extraordinary smiles in less time with fewer office visits.

The Damon system offers accelerated braces treatment with no headgear and without tightening for greater comfort during your course of treatment.

Beyond the additional comfort and convenience as well as shortened treatment time, the Damon system produces a more natural, 10-tooth smile.

Call our office today to set up an orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Bright to discuss if self-ligating braces are an option for your specific orthodontic condition.