Metal Braces

metal braces are an economical and effective orthodontic treatmentTraditional metal braces are the most common orthodontic treatment for common dental problems. Metal braces are a cost effective option and, because of their durability, they are still the most popular braces for kids and many teens. Recent technology improvements in traditional braces have resulted in smaller, stronger, and less conspicuous brackets. This makes them less likely to irritate the inside of the mouth so they are more comfortable to wear. And the durability means fewer problems.

The silver-colored metal braces are made of stainless steel which includes nickel and other metals. This strengthens their durability, helping to prevent breakage. Gold braces are a different style of metal braces that are often more appealing to younger patients.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

With traditional metal braces, each tooth is fitted with a bracket. Each bracket has edges or “wings”. The orthodontic wire is held in place by metal or elastic bands that are tied around the bracket edges. Tension in the wire is what causes the teeth to move and the bracket serves as an anchor site for each of your teeth. The wires are periodically tightened or changed to straighten teeth to the desired result.

Elastic bands are available in silver, gray and white, reflecting a more neutral look for adults and teens who do not want to draw attention to their smile in progress. But, elastics come in a large variety of colors for the more daring. Children especially like the bright colors, often wanting to mix and match many colors. Often, children are more excited about getting braces when they have the option of picking out their favorite color of elastics.

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