Gold Braces

gold braces are a fun and affordable orthodontic treatmentGold braces add a distinct sense of style to your smile in progress. They are very similar to traditional metal braces, made of stainless steel, but electroplated with a thin layer of gold. This gives them a unique and fun appearance.

This cosmetic option has the same advantages as traditional metal braces. Some individuals choose gold braces simply because they are attracted to the gold color and others feel they give a warmer appearance. While many people try to hide their orthodontics using clear braces like Invisalign or colored ceramic braces, others celebrate their journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile with gold braces. Many people feel that the gold color looks better with the natural tooth color and is less jarring. Others just like the attention they get from wearing the unusual gold-colored braces.

Surprisingly, the cost of gold braces is comparable to most clear braces. Convincing your child to get braces or to keep up with good dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment can be a weary subject. But, if your child is enthusiastic about the style of braces such as the color gold or using gold or brightly colored elastics, they are more likely to follow through with recommendations. A little bling can go a long way to making orthodontia more fun and part of their personal style.

Nickel Allergic? Get Gold Braces!

For patients allergic to nickel, which is a component of stainless steel, gold is an alternative choice. Some alternatives to nickel-free orthodontic treatment can be expensive. But gold braces make affordable orthodontic treatment possible for patients with nickel allergies.

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