Orthodontic Treatments

results of orthodontic treatmentsOrthodontic treatments are a specialty of dentistry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. Orthodontic problems must be diagnosed before treatment can begin. Certain problems can be a result of genetic and environmental factors. Orthodontic treatments are highly successful and today’s technology offers more options than ever before.

To make informed decisions about your personal orthodontic treatment, proper diagnosis involves taking photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions. Beautiful smiles, improved oral health, and an enhanced quality of life are the results of orthodontic treatment.

Common Problems Needing Orthodontic Treatments

Dr. Bright corrects a wide variety of common dental problems including:

Dr. Bright has extensive training in orthodontic services for treating and correcting orthodontic irregularities. Schedule your orthodontic consultation to start the journey to a more confident and healthy smile as well as avoid additional dental and health problems that can occur when problems are left untreated.