Kids Orthodontic Treatment

dr bright performs pediatric orthodontist examination on a young patient as part of his interceptive orthodontics programOrthodontic treatment in young children is known as interceptive orthodontics. Dr. Bright believes these pediatric orthodontist services to monitor kids teeth and jaw as their permanent teeth erupt are vital to good orthodontic care. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that by age 7 all children receive an orthodontic screening.

Orthodontic treatment may not begin at this age; however, as permanent teeth come in and children’s facial structures grow, orthodontic problems become apparent.

Early Pediatric Orthodontist Evaluation

Interceptive orthodontics ensures that the optimal time to intervene with nature can be identified. This creates the best orthodontic results in the least amount of time with less expense. At this early age, an evaluation by a pediatric orthodontist provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. It allows your orthodontist to carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment when it is needed.

Orthodontics does improve the aesthetics of a smile, but treatment and early detection of malocclusions (bad bites) which can cause serious dental and overall health problems are improved as well. Tooth or jaw misalignment creates malocclusions that affect the way you smile, chew, and clean your teeth. Common orthodontic problems such as malocclusions, left untreated, can cause crowded teeth, protruding teeth, crossbites, and opennbites.

Benefits of Early Orthodontia

Plus, the younger orthodontic care can begin, the less likely they will experience the same social discomfort that older teens do when wearing braces. Older kids or younger teens are more excited to have braces and the attention that goes with them, often choosing wild combinations of elastics or other fashion-forward choices for braces. They can even change colors during a regular appointment to suit the next holiday or school event.

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