Orthodontic Treatment Ages

orthodontic treatment for all agesA good bite is the overall goal of orthodontic treatment and is important at any age. Often a part of a comprehensive dental health care plan, orthodontic treatment can enhance your dental health and help improve your self-esteem.


Pediatric orthodontist or interceptive orthodontics provides early monitoring of children before they are ready for orthodontic treatment. This approach is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics. By age 7 all children should receive an orthodontic screening. Permanent teeth generally begin to come in at age 6 or 7 and orthodontic problems become apparent. Early treatment can be more productive, less costly, and ensure better results.


Teen braces are not always a popular choice, but older adolescents and young adults understand that it is a short orthodontic treatment time followed by a lifetime of elevated self-esteem and confident smiles. Today, teens have a variety of styles and materials to choose from, making living with braces more stylish than in past years. Many options even make braces difficult to detect or are even removable for class pictures, the prom, and other very short breaks. The most common time to begin orthodontic treatment is between 11 and 15. Treatment at this time provides the greatest opportunity to achieve the best result.


Adult braces continue to be more popular. With today’s technology there are may options for adult orthodontic treatment. Adults want to look professional and feel confident in social situations and they understand the importance of dental and overall health.