Protruded Teeth Correction

protruded teeth correction is needed when the top front teeth extend too far beyond the lower teethProtruded teeth correction is needed when the upper front teeth extend too far forward or the lower teeth do not extend far enough forward. Sometimes referred to as “overjet”, the upper front teeth that protrude beyond normal contact with the lower from teeth are prone to injury.

Often the front teeth will have a flared appearance. Protruded teeth are often referred to as buck teeth.

Protruding teeth indicate a poor bite of the back molar teeth and may indicate uneven jaw growth. More often than not, dental protrusion is caused by jaw position, usually a hereditary factor. Thumb and finger sucking habits can also contribute to protruded teeth.

Protruded Teeth Correction Options

Treatment for this protruding teeth may include braces and other orthodontic appliances, such as spacers. Depending on the severity of the protrusion and the age of the patient, orthognathic (jaw)surgery may be required.

The key to successful, less costly protruded teeth correction is early treatment. Protrusion, if left untreated, can cause problems in speech, poor oral hygiene, and loss of dental function. If your family has a history of protruding teeth or perhaps you have a child who had problems giving up thumb-sucking or the pacifier, enroll your child in our Bright Beginnings program for early pediatric orthodontist evaluation. This program is for children around age 7.

Schedule your orthodontic evaluation today to find out what the optimal treatment plan is for your or your child’s situation. Dr. Bright will carefully explain the effectiveness, alternatives, and costs of each option for protruded teeth correction.