Gummy Smile Treatment

gummy smile treatmentGummy smile treatment is sought by patients who feel their smile is distracting. A “gummy smile”, technically known as excessive gingival display, is considered the most distracting conditions of many patients. While unlike many common dental problems that should receive orthodontic treatment, a gummy smile is not really detrimental to future oral or overall healthy. It is rather a cosmetic issue, but no less important as looking and feeling our best in social and professional situations is in our patients’ best interests.

The gingival appearance gives apparent imbalance in an excessive gingiva-to-tooth ratio. In other words, too much gum compared to the length of teeth is displayed.

Gummy Smile Treatment Is Different for Everyone

This condition can be corrected by a variety of treatment modalities depending on the individual diagnosis. Excess gingival display is not limited to removal of gingival tissue or orthognathic surgery. A variety of orthodontic treatments can be used depending on the causes of a particular patent’s gummy smile:

  • Tooth size or shape
  • Jaw deformities
  • Lip shape or size
  • Delayed eruption
  • Facial muscles

Excessive gingival display must be evaluated on an individual basis in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment. Call our office today to discuss your best options.