Crowded Teeth Treatment

crowded teeth treatment often includes palate expanders and bracesCrowded teeth treatment is one of the most common reasons patients seek orthodontic help. If your teeth are crooked, turned, or overlapped, your key orthodontic condition is probably crowded teeth. Generally, it is due to genetic traits of having a small jaw or relatively large teeth. Crowding can also be a result from habits such as nail-biting or thumb-sucking.

Crowding teeth occurs when teeth do not have sufficient room to erupt from the gum. Usually crowded teeth can be corrected by expanding the palate (widening the jaw) with tooth removal in most patients. Many patients also need braces to correct the alignment of the teeth. Typical treatment for crowded teeth involves the placement of highly detailed orthodontic “braces” on all the upper and lower teeth.

Early Crowded Teeth Treatment

When crowded teeth treatment needs are detected early in childhood, when baby teeth are still present, then braces or a functional appliance such as a palate expander can be placed. The pediatric braces act as a spacer, holding back the rest of the molars until the baby teeth fall out. This is one of the reasons that pediatric orthodontist evaluation is a good idea for all children at age 7, especially if the family has a history of crowded teeth.

If treatment is applied in adolescents or adults, expanders and braces are normally recommended. Retainers are used following crowded teeth treatment in order to avoid any chance of relapse.

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