Damon Braces

Damon Braces work fast with little discomfortDamon braces offer faster orthodontic treatment with a greater level of comfort than traditional braces. The innovations offered by Damon® braces have made them one of the most sought after products Dr. Bright offers.

Some of our adult patients come to us, worried that they have missed their opportunity to use orthodontic treatments to straighten their smiles.

Dr. David Bright assures all patients that age makes little difference in orthodontics and it is never too late to try braces.

To learn more about Damon braces and the benefits they offer, call our Katy orthodontic office to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bright.

Why Should You Choose Braces?

You only get one chance at making a first impression, and it can make or break an opportunity. Many believe that people with straight, beautiful smiles receive better treatment than those with a mouthful of crooked teeth. They feel they are more successful in job interviews, gain the trust of their associates more easily, and experience preferential customer service.

Straightening your teeth offer general health benefits as well. Patients with straight, aligned teeth have an easier time keeping them and their gums clean. Crooked teeth can present hard to reach areas that patients may struggle to keep clean, and can harbor bacteria that cause decay, gum disease, or even the loss of teeth. Well-aligned teeth provide a better bite, create more efficient chewing aiding digestion, and help to reduce headaches and stress.

Why Damon Braces?

Damon Braces provide the same great quality treatment offered through traditional bracket and wire orthodontics, but they do it in a shorter time period, with greater comfort, fewer adjustments, and fewer office visits required.

These braces offer a more comfortable alternative to traditional braces, replacing the elastic or metal ties that keep the wire in place with a slide mechanism in each bracket. These slide mechanisms hold the wire in place with less pressure and friction than ties, allowing the teeth to move comfortably and quickly.

The self-ligating braces use lighter force when moving the teeth into position, enabling efficient orthodontic treatment with little or no discomfort.

The light, high-tech wire used with Damon braces requires fewer adjustments than with traditional metal braces, and it retains its shape to help facilitate shorter treatment time. Dr. Bright can typically use Damon braces as part of an orthodontic treatmetn plan without the need for tooth extractions or palate expanders.

Damon Clear braces offer adults an orthodontic option that will not impact their professional appearance. Most patients who wear Damon Clear braces find that nobody knows they wear them, except the orthodontist.

Damon Clear braces resist stains and discoloration, remaining discreet throughout treatment. And unlike options involving clear aligners, Damon Clear braces can treat even severe orthodontic issues so most patients will qualify for them.

The Damon System Bracelift™

When Dr. Bright performs his examination for Damon braces, he looks not only at your teeth, but at your entire face. He takes your facial profile into account, as well as an idea of what you will look like in the future after full maturity of teeth an jaw and orthodontic treatment. With Damon braces, Dr. Bright can change your teeth and your entire face without the invasiveness of a facelift or other cosmetic enhancement surgery.

Damon braces provide patients with a fuller, wider smile, that helps provide balance and aesthetics to their facial structure. The braces provide smooth contours in the cheeks, helping patients with narrow smiles achieve a more inviting, fuller looking grin.

Patients will notice fewer lines at the corners of their mouth, and having straight teeth without crowding will provide them with an improved profile, helping them achieve a younger appearance. Most patients will see results similar to these in as little as ten weeks.

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If you feel your smile has cost you opportunities or think that straightening your teeth will improve your entire facial profile, call our Katy orthodontic office today to discuss the benefits of Damon® braces.

In just a short period of time, Dr. Bright can dramatically improve your smile while using orthodontic appliances like Damon that help you to maintain your professional appearance.