dr brights staff rock their adult braces

Adult Braces: Are They Right for You?

For many teens, getting braces is a common ritual of adolescence. But, many adults do not want a mouth full of metal for a variety of personal and professional reasons. But today’s barely-noticeable orthodontic treatment options are the reason adults now are eager to take care of orthodontic problems that perhaps their families could not […] Read More
diy teeth whitening trends like blue light mouthpieces rarely are effective

DIY Teeth Whitening Trends: Facts Or Myths?

Trends are often fun and affect every aspect of life, from slang and fashion to what are the best gifts to give to the latest diet craze. Most trends are harmless parts of our ever-evolving culture. But when they are part of how we take care of our bodies and minds, it is important to […] Read More
bright orthodontics is one of the few offices that offers hipaa-compliant semi-private treatment rooms

HIPAA-Compliant Treatment Rooms

Semi-private treatment rooms in orthodontics offices have become non-existent at most other Katy orthodontists as well as across the industry, but not at Bright Orthodontics. Every time you come in for your orthodontic treatment visit, you enjoy your own quiet space in one of our semi-private treatment rooms. Bright Orthodontics Values Patient Privacy We take […] Read More
refer 3 orthodontic patients to get a chance to win and xbox one and 2 games

Taking Care of Braces for All Ages

Learning to take care of your braces is important for kids, teens, and adults.  Regularly cleaning and examining your braces for breakage is essential to avoiding problems now like bad breath and when the braces are eventually removed like gum disease or tooth staining. All ages follow the same rules to ensure healthy teeth and gums […] Read More
bright orthodontics smile 4 a lifetime 2017 scholarship recipients

Smile For A Lifetime’s 2017 Scholarship Winners

Dr. David S. Bright and the entire staff are thrilled to have had the opportunity to get to know 2 wonderful young ladies who were given free braces through our Smile for a Lifetime chapter. The 2017 scholarships went to: Alexandria Stone Alexandria is a student at Cypress Woods High School. She attends Kingsland Baptist […] Read More
katy times writes article about bright orthodontics smile for a lifetime chapter

Katy Times Features Bright Orthodontics’ Smile for a Lifetime

Bright Orthodontics is a proud sponsor of the Bright Smile, Bright Future chapter of Smile for a Lifetime, a charitable organization that provides orthodontic treatment to kids in need! Dr. Bright founded the Katy-area chapter as a way to give back to the community and follow his passion to make smiles brighter. On Wednesday June […] Read More
orthodontic evaluations offered by dr david bright

Orthodontic Evaluation

Are you considering braces for yourself or for your child? Visit Bright Orthodontics. Dr. David Bright will be happy to perform a thorough orthodontic evaluation so he can discuss which braces will work best, the expected duration of treatment, and  the cost of orthodontic treatment including use of your insurance. Dr. Bright’s Orthodontic Evaluation During […] Read More
your unique smile deserves an aao orthodontist like dr bright

Your Smile Deserves An AAO Orthodontist

Your smile makes you unique. It is an expression of who you are. We know how important your smile is to you. That’s why Dr. Bright is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). This organization offers educational opportunities to help keep Dr. Bright and the staff informed about the best and healthiest […] Read More
Woman with red lipstick inserting aligner

Crowded Teeth

At Bright Orthodontics, we meet patients with many types of issues that affect their bite. One of the most common issues we see is teeth that have become overcrowded. In fact, studies suggest that three out of four children suffer from at least mildly crowded teeth. While this has typically been attributed to heredity or […] Read More